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Welcome to Aidetic, where we are redefining the landscape of the financial services industry through cutting-edge AI solutions. Our commitment is to revolutionize the digital transformation of financial businesses, empowering them with the unparalleled capabilities of artificial intelligence.

AI in Banking and Finance

Danske Bank Success Story

Witness the transformative power of AI with Danske Bank, Denmark's largest financial institution. By implementing our advanced fraud detection algorithm, Danske Bank elevated its fraud detection capability by an impressive 50%, concurrently reducing false positives by 60%. This success story underscores the potential of AI to enhance security measures and steamline operations within the banking and financial sector.

Story Streamlining Financial Operations

At Aidetic, we leverage AI to assist the financial industry in optimizing operations, from credit decisions to quantitative trading and financial risk management. Our AI solutions are tailored to enhance efficiency and accuracy, enabling financial institutions to make informed decisions in real time.

Use Cases

Analytics for Credit Scoring

Unlock financial possibilities with our advanced AI and custom machine learning applications. We analyze vast datasets to provide personalized credit score reviews, expanding access to finance for a diverse audience.

AI-Enhanced Security

Experience a heightened level of security with our AI-driven measures. Our machine learning algorithms swiftly detect and flag suspicious trades, preventing application and trade fraud in real-time.

Minimizing Operational Costs

Embark on a cost-efficient journey with AI. According to Accenture, AI can help banks reduce costs by up to 25%. Our tools eliminate errors associated with manual processes, ensuring seamless data gathering, classification, and action without human intervention.

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Start your AI journey with confidence

Our experienced AI consultants are here to guide you. Share your project vision, and receive a detailed estimate to seamlessly integrate AI into your Fintech projects.


Crafting robust AI fintech solutions is our forte

Partner with us to create solutions that prioritize quality and align with top industry trends. Our team boasts excellent tech skills and industry-specific experience to ensure your project's success.

Analytics Partner

Gain authentic insights to propel your business forward

Our custom software, tailored to your requirements, delivers analytical insights that enhance customer experiences and drive business growth.

How Can AI Help Your Business?

AI in BFSI empowers you to minimize risk, deliver superior customer experiences and accelerate innovation.

Document Process Automation

Efficiently capture, store, and extract documents to enhance operational efficiency.

Investment Analysis and Management

Receive analytical insights for risk scoring and informed investment decisions.

Combat Threat and Fraud

Modernize your data infrastructure and analytics capabilities to better protect against cyber threats.

Real-Time Decisions

Stay ahead with AI-optimized business capabilities for real-time analytics, driving and democratizing smarter financial decisions.

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