Multi-Camera Tracking

Track multiple objects or people in motion using footage from multiple cameras at once. We can also go a level deeper to give you accurate trajectories and dwell times from the tracking information.

Facial Recognition

Of course, we've mastered the technology even smartphones now excel at. Recognize faces present in each frame of your video and get real-time results. Use the results for surveillance, analytics or any other requirement.

Demographics Identification

Understand the demographics information (age and gender) of people present in your video data. Get additional information like clothing patterns, accessories worn, and other special attributes for detailed analytics or surveillance.

People Counting

We automate the process of counting people or objects from your videos. Apply granular filters on the types of objects or people to be counted and it'll only count based on the filters. Better than us mortals, wouldn't you agree?

Object Detection

Tell us what you'd like to detect in your videos or images and our AI will get it done. Our powerful object detection technology is a pivotal feature for our assortment of offerings - obviously, we're phenomenal at delivering this technology.

Crowd Analytics

Monitor the mob for interesting insights such as walking patterns, most-frequented paths, bottlenecks, crowded places for better management.

Pose Estimation

Detect accurate poses of human bodies from your usual camera streams. Do it without any sensors, 3D cameras, or additional fancy equipment! Use this technology for applications in surveillance, behavior analysis, human-computer interaction etc.

3-D Reconstruction

Knit together an ensemble of 2-D images of an area to construct a 3-D model. We primarily apply the technology to create topographical maps and 3-D models for environment surveys.

Gaze Estimation

Our software understands what people direct their focus towards and for how long simply from the video data. We're all set to devise ingenious use cases in behavior analytics using the technology.

Action Labelling

Automate recognition of people's actions by synchronously analyzing multiple frames of your video data. Use action labelling to raise alerts against unwanted actions or study behavior in general. Makes us reflect on the heights technology has reached!

Emotion Recognition

Recognize emotions by analyzing facial expressions and gestures from video of people. Use cases range from generating granular behavioral data in the retail sector to gauging employee satisfaction.

Change Detection

Compare several images or frames within a video to flag targeted changes among them. For example, the technology can be used to detect changes in land use patterns or forest cover from satellite and drone imagery over time. 

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