Video Analytics and Its Many Use Cases

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Data lies at the crux of decision making of any organisation. Although data is ordinarily available,  the sheer volume and the semblance can be quite tedious for generating actionable insights. One such form of data is video. We often forget that we have a ubiquitous sensor that covers most of the world: a camera. If we can extract high-level information from camera feeds, we can use that information for a myriad of use cases.

Video processing and analysis can be described as a capability to solve this problem by bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insights. Video processing and analysis, a subset of computer vision and thereby of artificial intelligence, is primarily concerned with unearthing temporal and spatial patterns in video streams.

Video analytics technology has evolved to be a smart business tool, providing businesses with not only smart video surveillance, but also operational tools to create a safer and more efficient workplace. Because of the quality of the improvements, video surveillance cameras are now multi-purpose and work to the benefit of security teams as well as human resources, business operations, and other integral departments.

Let’s take a look at some scenarios where utilisation of video analytics can lead to substantial improvements :

1. Retail Stores : Retail stores can employ video analysis for capturing unprecedented consumer level strategic data such as consumer behaviour, engagement with store signage and product displays, footfalls, demographics etc. These data points can be used for quantifying various KPIs which can be helpful in informing the marketing strategy of stores, understanding the behavior of their customers, and monitoring and improving store performance.

In Store Traffic Heat-maps.

2. Casinos : Security is a major concern for casinos. Sophisticated video processing techniques can be utilised for monitoring behaviour and activities of people. Such analysis can be used to mitigate fraudulent activities such as card counting, card marking, collusion etc. In addition to this, analytics can help casinos understand the foot traffic patterns to better position displays, validate authorised employees in the facility’s private areas, improve gaming operations, and better manage lines at front desk.

3. Construction Sites : Compliance adherence, worker safety are imperative at a construction site. Specially catered video processing algorithms can be deployed for monitoring safety aspects such as helmets, safety jackets, safe paths etc. Apart from these video feed from construction sites can be used to monitor changes, detect and audit heavy machineries, and prevent theft.

Detecting Safety Helmets.

4. Sports : Intricate movements and positioning of players can be tracked to formulate game strategies. Video analytics allows us to identity and tag certain habits, skills, and changes that have affected the flow of the game. By using metrics specific to a particular player, position and sport (touches, perimeter play, depth changes, hand placement, shots in the house etc.), teams can track which specific habit or skill has led to success or mistakes during a game.

5. Traffic Management : Video analytics can be used to detect various traffic conditions such as accidents, congestions etc. This allows managers to make proactive decisions based on immediate incident alerts that are visually verifiable, providing more information about what is happening on highways, bridges and tunnels. It can also be used for traffic violation detection for incidents such as; illegal U-turns, going the wrong way down a one-way street, driving in a bus lane, box junction contraventions, parking in a non-designated area, or abandoning a vehicle.

[Source : Google Images]

6. Production Line : Video surveillance helps managers keep a virtual eye on all aspects of the assembly plant remotely. Cameras can be programmed to help detect the subtlest of flaws in manufactured products and monitor machine operations to help schedule predictive maintenance. In addition, cameras can help deter and detect workplace thefts, inappropriate conduct of employees, and false injury claims.

7. Warehouses : In addition to providing security features such as unauthorized person detection, loitering detection, theft detection, video analytics can help in enhancing the operations. Such analysis can measure people flow to determine high traffic and low traffic areas by facility, floor and/or building sector with real-time or periodic reporting for facility optimisation.

Smoke Detection and Movement Tracking

8. Seaports : Video analytics can be used for safeguarding as well as freight management on a port. Video analytics can help provide useful information on incidents, resulting in fewer nuisance alarms and saving time for seaport security staff. It can also detect and count freight yard vehicle flow to maximise vehicle throughput and enhance operations.

We hope you found this post informative. Let us know in the comments in case you have any questions.

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