The Vision

We started Aidetic with the objective of building AI tools to solve real-world problems. Currently limited to offerings in mostly computer vision and business analytics, our aim is to quickly use experiences from these projects as stepping stones to expand into other interesting spaces AI can disrupt. 

In the longer term, we have far more ambitious goals in mind. By making the periphery of technological revolution as our playground, we eventually aspire to create new spaces to use AI rather than simply disrupting existent industries. We do have some great ideas we're diligently working towards.


The name Aidetic was coined by prefixing 'AI' in the adjective 'eidetic' - which basically signifies having an unusually vivid memory. Not to overdo the explanation but if it's not already apparent, our focus on computer vision renders the wordplay relevant. 

Look at our solutions to get a better idea of our offerings...

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