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Vision Solutions

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Chat Assistants

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At Aidetic, we've been building enterprise AI solutions since 2018, before the AI hype wave began. With 50+ clients, 200+ AI projects, and 100+ AI/ML experts, we're one of the finest boutique AI consulting firms globally.

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Our Customers

Industries we serve

Financial Services

Aidetic has worked extensively in building custom AI applications for the Financial Services industry including NBFCs, Private Equity firms, and Fintech startups.

AI Powered Customer Engagement

LLM-driven chatbots and virtual assistants that revolutionize customer interactions to improve conversion, drive retention and boost customer experience.

Intelligent Document Processing

OCR engines that are capable of extracting information from complex financial documents to automate workflows, reduce errors and save costs.

Credit Decisioning and Risk Management

Predictive modelling of credit risk to reduce default rates and boost financial inclusion.


Aidetic has delivered strategic business outcomes for some of the largest insurance companies globally through its AI/ML solutions.

AI Powered Workflow Automation

Custom AI solutions to automate complex, document heavy workflows for customer onboarding, claims settlement and compliance.

LLM Powered Sales Assistants

Insurance specific fine-tuned LLM assistants that answer customer questions instantly to increase sales conversion rates by 55%.

Automated Customer Support

Increase CSATs and reduce cost per ticket by customizing an Omnichannel AI Customer Support Agent according to your processes


Aidetic stands as a catalyst for innovation within the retail industry, leveraging the transformative capabilities of AI technology to redefine operational efficiency and customer experience.

Personalized Shopping Experiences

Aidetic's AI analyzes customer data for preferences, enabling retailers to create personalized shopping experiences with targeted recommendations, fostering increased engagement and loyalty.

Demand Forecasting

Aidetic's AI optimizes inventory, preventing overstock or stockouts, and streamlines the supply chain, cutting carrying costs to boost operational efficiency

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Aidetic's real-time AI pricing adapts to market dynamics, competitors, and customer behavior, enabling retailers to stay competitive and respond swiftly to market changes.


Aidetic is at the forefront of revolutionizing the education industry, offering tailored AI solutions to support students and tutors alike with the aim of improving learning outcomes.

Smart AI Tutors

LLM powered AI tutors trained on subject and grade specific course material that provide a more personalized learning experience whenever students need them.

Immersive Language Learning

AI enabled, gamified experiences to make language learning stickier for students and deliver higher impact.

AI Assisted Course Creation

Enabling tutors and academics to create high quality content for students by spending 90% lesser time.

Our Approach

Understand Business Objective


Aidetic collaborates closely with clients to unearth innovative ideas and conceptualize solutions that align with their business goals. 

Design Solution


Rigorous analysis is conducted to evaluate the proposed solutions' technical, financial, and operational viability. . 

Build an MVP


 Aidetic believes in the power of iteration and rapid prototyping. IDuring this stage, we swiftly translate concepts into tangible prototypes. 

Scale the Solution

Retainer Support

The Retainer Support phase guarantees that our clients' technology investments remain optimized and deliver enduring value over time.

Why Us

At Aidetic, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We leverage cutting-edge AI, ML, and LLM technologies to deliver solutions that drive transformation and set you apart from the competition. Our team of experts constantly explores new methodologies to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with deep expertise in AI, ML, and large language models. With extensive experience across diverse industries, we provide tailored solutions that address your unique challenges and propel your business forward with precision and insight.

Our solutions are designed to scale with your business. We can help you implement an AI strategy that will grow with you as your needs change.

We focus on delivering real-world results. Our solutions are designed to be impactful and measurable, helping you achieve your business goals.

Technologies We're Great At

Generative AI
Computer vision
Natural Language Processing
Data Engineering
Business Intelligence
Big Data Solutions
Product Engineering

Hear it from our customers

Really impressed with the quality of work received from Aidetic and we thank them for the wonderful job in helping us develop a unique Al application. Mehul, Abhishek and the team were always very professional, demonstrating competency in the required skillset and good communications; despite the remote working relationship. During this ongoing project, we asked a lot of questions and made a lot of requests that were met with quick, accurate responses and effective solutions. We consider Aidtetic a trusted business partner and plan to continue our working relationship with them.

Director - Xinowa

We have been working with AIDETIC for a very long time over numerous projects related to NLP. Their team is highly talented and committed to quality client delivery and in terms of the timeline of delivery, they have rarely missed a deadline. They leverage their deep
understanding of NLP and CV to bring new perspectives to a discussion. We are very satisfied with the services we are receiving from them.

Chief Product Officer - 73 Strings

A very dedicated team with great enthusiasm and focus on delivery and quality. They have helped us materialise our ideas just the way we had envisioned them. Fast execution, professional staff, we did a very good project, for sure I will do more projects with Aidetic in future.

Director - 7 Frames

Working with Aidetic and team has been a breath of fresh air. Many contractors will make claims to their abilities to get you as a client, but Mehul and his team are the first I've hired that truly delivered on their promises. They have gone above and beyond to help me bring my technology to fruition and I would strongly recommend them to anybody looking for an intelligent, capable, communicative team.

Chief Operating and Technology Officer - Healthy Sole

We consulted Aidetic for a Machine Learning based feature addition on our platform. They were able to get hold of the business problem fairly well and tuned the solution so as to have the maximum impact. The project was delivered well within the stipulated deadlines and has since been working flawlessly in production. I'd choose Aidetic for more ML projects in the future for the commitment they've shown in building a highly accurate model and for going the extra mile to deliver maximum value.

Chief Technology Officer - Mainstem